Technologies and Skills:
Programming languages and technology skills
  • C/C++ (Watcom, ANSI, Borland, Microsoft Visual C++, GCC) - MFC, STL, Linux/Unix system programming, QT/KDE Pascal, Delphi
  • VB, VBA, VB Script, WSH (Windows Shell Script)
  • Java (Swing, JDBC, cross platform applications, hardware connectivity via external C/C++ libraries), Java Script, Java Beans, Servlets
  • Prolog (bases of knowledge)
  • Radius server/protocol
  • Perl (Object Perl, CGI, parsers of XML/HTML (with or without special libs), complete web-sites and web engines, system programming in perl, IPC, i18n). FastCGI perl applications.
  • PHP 4/5
  • Shell scripts (bash, sh)
  • CSS1, CSS2 (clean css layouts technology)
  • QT Trolltech (GUI programming)
  • Cygwin (small experience in porting own Linux apps to win32 platform)
  • RegExp, PCRE
  • sed, awk, ed, gawk
  • E-commerce API (merchant and payment systems connection) – php, perl, c++
Databases and relational databases
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle Database
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Berkeley DB
  • SQLite
  • LDAP
VOIP and multimedia services
  • H.323, ffmpeg (Linux), windows media 9 codecs (ASF) – own video/audio broadcasting software for internet and website usage (video conferencing, pay per view content delivery)
  • SIP and other VOIP protocols (also hardware VOIP routers, gateways)
  • Develop of interaction application to work with speech reco engine (logic) for VOIP system.
  • Asterisk-based telephony solutions (PBX)
  • Various speech codecs
  • Digium cards, FXO, FXS
  • ISDN
Corporative networks and security
  • Visa AIS PCI DSS compliance consulting
  • Cryptography, protection of the information and security protocols – IPSEC, VPN (mpd, pptp, openvpn), GPG/PGP, CryptoAPI. Creation of protected Internet servers, defense information systems (IDS, IPS) for information protection and organization of protected communication channels (networks, tunnels).
  • VISA standards, credit cards protocols
  • Network protocols – Netbios, IPX, TCP/IP (QoS, iproute2, zebra), and OSI levels.
  • WAN, DHCP, VPN, VOFR, IAX, DMZ, routers.
  • Traffic billing solutions
  • Corporative firewalls creation and integration – NAT, SNAT, DNAT (iptables, ipchains), ipfw, pf (The OpenBSD Packet Filter), port-forwarding and other.
  • Server kernel level defense and protection - SELinux, RSBAC, MAC (FreeBSD)
  • Freebsd, Linux kernels patching, web server patches and improvements
  • Corporative mail servers – qmail, postfix and exim based.
  • Proxy servers – squid, middleman, oops.
Web technologies, web-services and related
  • Web servers - Microsoft IIS, Apache (1.x, 2.x), Jakarta Tomcat, lighttpd, nginx, tux, Russian apache and some other web acceleration servers. Creation and integration of accelerated web servers, accelerated reverse-proxies. Building protected web server (secure) solutions for corporative sites.
  • Webmail – Horde IMP, Squirell, Open WebMail
  • Control panels - Plesk, Cpanel / WHM, H-SPHERE, Webmin, Virtualmin, Ensim, Cube panel and etc
  • Collaboration systems (installation, configuration and integration) – Kolab, GroupWare, OpenGroupWare, eGroupWare, Openxchange.
  • FastCGI application - development, integration, optimization
  • Creation and integration Open Source based solutions.
Other things and skills
  • Creation and integration Ruby On Rails based solutions.
  • phpMyAdmin, phpPgAdmin, phpLdapAdmin
  • Spamassasin, dspam, amavis
  • Dr.Web, ClamAV
  • Webalizer, Awstats

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