Welcome to RAS.SU - The Classics Of IT Outsourcing.

Ras.su company sold to new owners. For our customers all services and rates will be same.
We accept Bitcoin, Litecoin for system administration and management services.
New client support system coming soon.
We Support:
RAS.SU provide support hosting control panels like Plesk, WHM CPanel, Alabanza, Cube panel, Confixx, Helm, Cobalt RAQ, Ubersmith, Ensim, Hsphere, Webmin, DonHost, Directadmin, HSPcomplete, Virtualmin, Webmin.
Our OS:
RAS.SU provide outsourced technical support and remote administration services for servers under FreeBSD, Redhat Linux, Debian (Stable, Unstable), Fedora Core, Suse Linux, Slackware, AltLinux, CentOS, Microsoft Windows.
We Accept:
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