Welcome to RAS.SU - The Classics Of IT Outsourcing.

We accept Bitcoin, Litecoin for system administration and management services.
New client support system coming soon.
We start Official Nginx Support Services.
We Support:
RAS.SU provide support hosting control panels like Plesk, WHM CPanel, Alabanza, Cube panel, Confixx, Helm, Cobalt RAQ, Ubersmith, Ensim, Hsphere, Webmin, DonHost, Directadmin, HSPcomplete, Virtualmin, Webmin.
Our OS:
RAS.SU provide outsourced technical support and remote administration services for servers under FreeBSD, Redhat Linux, Debian (Stable, Unstable), Fedora Core, Suse Linux, Slackware, AltLinux, CentOS, Microsoft Windows.
We Accept:
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